What's Indexed Tool

This is a tool that I developed a number of years ago and I have added it into the HREF Builder suite.  This tool used the Info: command in Google to see which of the URL's are indexed. It started to solve the problem of submitting a number of pages  to Google on a site map and only a small set are indexed.  I had no way of knowing which pages were not indexed.   In the example below, the site map for Argentina has 524 pages but only 5 are indexed. submitted-vs-indexed This tool can import your XML site map or CSV file and using the info: command will tell you what pages are an are not indexed and for those that are the cache date to monitor how recent the page was added.

Business Applications:

  1.  XML SIte Map Diagnostics - the original purpose to identify those pages submitted to Google but not yet indexing.
  2. Post Launch Reindexing - you can monitor how long it takes for Google to index the new pages on the site.
  3. Post Launch Deindexing - you can monitor how long it takes for Google to drop your pages from their index


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