New Feature – Google Index Checker

Today we launched a new beta version of our Google Index Checker is used to monitor the inclusion of the pages in Google. To identify missing pages, a user can reference an XML site map, paste in a list of URL’s or upload a Excel or CSV file from your desktop. We will soon make this available as part of a HREFLang tool subscription as well as a standalone subscription.

The application uses the info: syntax to check each URL on the list and see if it is indexed. If the page is indexed, if will capture the cache date so you know when the pages were indexed. The user can see both indexed and non indexed URL’s. Any URL that is not indexed they can use the Fetch as Googlebot to index it.

Determine Which Pages are Not Indexed

In the screen capture below we can see that most of the XML site maps have 549 pages. Many of the versions only have a few pages indexd. It is great that Google tells is that only x are indexed but we don't know which ones are not indexed.

site_map_inclusionNoIndex Report Results

In the case of Brazil, where only 42 of the URl's were indexed, we enter the URL for the Brazil XML site map and run the tool. It checks each URL and then develops the report which the user can review on the screen or export as Excel. They can see which page is not indexed as well as those that are and the cache date. no_index_report

Site Refresh Reindex Reporting

The original reason for this tool was to check sites that had been refreshed to ensure the new pages were indexed. Once you deploy the new site load the new XML site map or a crawl list and then monitor the inclusion and refresh rate. If you are interested in this tool please let us know.


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