The HREF XML Sitemap builder is a scalable tool for developing Search Engine Compliant HREF XML site maps to designate the various language and country versions of your site.  Once of the biggest challenges is matching URL's to each other.  Currently we have been able to account for 87 of the nearly 100 or so most common problems associated with correctly building XML site maps.

URL Matching and Mapping

The real challenge in building an HREFLang XML site map is mapping the alternative URL's to each other.  All the other "free tools" force you to align the URL's in CSV and then once the hard, and manual sorting is done, upload them to assemble the files.  We do all of that for you.   All we need to understand is how your URL's indicate the country and language of each page.   While this can seem complicated we allow you to pick the format that matches your site and we do the rest.  We have accounted for over 100 different URL formats including sub directories, sub domains and even ccTLD's.   For more information please review our HREF Builder URL Mapping FAQ

Our newest feature, that is not available in any other tool, allows us to match translated directories to map them to ensure you have the most complete set of matched URL's.  For more information please review our Mapping Translated Directories FAQ

Multiple Source File Loading Methods

The first step of building out any XML site map a list of your URL's that may be in many formats.   We allow you to upload many different formats including existing XML Site Maps, Excel/CSV files and even exports from Screaming Frog and Deep Crawl.  For more information on the import types we support please review our HREF Builder Import Formats FAQ

Dynamic HREFLang XML File Creation

We have integrated the ability to auto generate new HREFLang XML files on a weekly or monthly basis.  Larger companies point HREF Builder to their dynamically updated XML files, XML export from Adobe AEM or a FTP and we import them, update the HREFlang XML.  Once completed we can FTP them back to a secure drive or email them to your designated contact.  

Missing Page Identification

This was one of the most requested features by clients for both validating alternate URL's but also ensuring complete country matches after localization projects.   We can quickly show you in a single, downloadable table, all of the pages missing for each country or language version.  Most of the time, it is a problem with how the site is generating your source files or pages that were never localized.  For more information on this feature please review our Missing Page Identification FAQ.

Redirect, Canonical and Robots Directive Checking

HREF Builder is the only HREFLang tool that has built in validation for redirects, 404, canonical and robots directives.   The goal is to product 100% error free XML site maps that ensure you maximize your crawl budgets.  

Every redirect, canonical or robots block is a wasted request from the search engines.   The search engines have stated no more than 1% of your submitted URL's should have errors and if they encounter more hey will slow or stop indexing your site and site maps.  Why should they waste their time getting bad data?  For more details on what we check and how we enable you to report these errors please visit our Redirect, Canonical and Robots Checking FAQ for more information.