Should I use a Meta Tag or HREF XML Site Map?

There is really no wrong answer to this question.  The HREFlang functionality can be implemented either as a meta tag placed in the <head> section of the site, or as an XML site map and there are pros and cons of each.

The meta element is best for sites with only a few language versions as it reduces the number of rows of code that are required on the page. Using the meta element also requires the addition of logic to your page templates to map to the local alternative pages.  While we give instructions on how to develop the tags for your site in our FAQ's our tool does not currently develop them for you.  Our tool is designed to build the XML file versions.   If you have a smaller site and want to use the in page tags we suggest you use the HREFLang Tag Generator by developed by Aleyda Solis.

THE XML site map approach is best for sites that have numerous language versions and/or don’t have the ability to build the logic to add the meta elements, the site map method is the easy way to go.

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