HREF Builder Launches

While this tool actually was publicly announced at PubCon Vegas in 2013 it is just now becoming tool available to the public.   This is one of the most robust tools to develop HREF XML sitemaps on the market.   There are a few free web and Excel tools that can get you started but they all have significant limitations.

This tool came from the specific needs or medium and larger sites that have large numbers of URL's that cannot be presorted and aligned prior to the tool being used.


HREF Language XML Builder

Back Azimuth Consulting's HREF Builder is a cloud-based application that quickly builds HREF XML files to helps the engines understand the county, language and regional nuances of your content.  With HREF builder you can quickly load, map and export a complete HREF XML for each country version.  We have also integrated a number of filters to account for the multitude of different URL structures.